Antivirus Protection


Antivirus Protection is another rogue antispyware program that was designed to rip computer users of by selling them a fake program. The application infiltrates into the system by employing a Trojan virus and makes its installation completely invisible to the computer user.

As soon as it gets the access to the system, Antivirus Protection is also configured to start running automatically with each system reboot. The program simulates system scan and warns about detecting tons of infections on your system. In order to remove them, you are offered to get a so called full version of Antivirus Protection. It states that this will not only remove all infections that have been detected but also provide protection against other malware in future.

Besides, Antivirus Protection displays a bunch of security notifications and pop up ads which also warn about system infections and recommends purchasing a licensed version of Antivirus Protection in order to get all infections removed.

Please remove Antivirus Protection as soon as you detect it on your system using a reputable antispyware program.  Do not hesitate even one minute as the longer the program stays in your system, the worse consequences you may experience.

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