Antivirus Protection


Antivirus Protection offers just what the name says – antivirus protection. Unfortunately, this Antivirus Protection software is fake one. It suggests buying full version of AntivirusProtection for deleting viruses and spyware from user’s computer, but Antivirus Protection itself comes on a computer like a malware.

The tactics used by AntivirusProtection may be very convincing. It loads many security-related reports warning users about viruses found of the computer and threats coming from the internet. The name “Antivirus Protection” is very generic, that’s why many people take this malware as genuine security application and agree to pay for a license. Avoid this malware if you can, and use Antivirus Protection removal if it has already infected your computer. The license or full version may cost $40 and more, but users get absolutely nothing for this price.

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