Antivirus Scan


Antivirus Scan is a malware which tries to trick unsuspecting users into wasting their money. In other words, it firstly claims that your PC is in danger and that you need to run a full system scan to check the situation. Of course, after scanning Antivirus Scan will declare that there are tons of viruses on your machine, which will be removed only if you use “full” its version. As you may guess, all this information is invented by the same rogue and you should ignore its warnings. You will “heal” your computer only after you remove Antivirus Scan rogue anti-spyware.

Antivirus Scan conforms to the ‘traditional’ tactics of infiltration what means that it will come on your machine undetected with a help of backdoor Trojan. Of course, it may be distributed through affiliated malicious websites that show fake scanners and then offer installing free trial version of Antivirus Scan. As always, Antivirus Scan will start claiming that you are infected with dangerous malware and that you need to purchase its license for their removal. It promises that this version is capable enough of eliminating all viruses and cyber threats that are on your machine. These fabricated positives should never be taken as serious and you must remove Antivirus Scan just after you see it on your PC. Please, follow this information given and delete this malware before it lets more viruses inside your machine

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