Antivirus Soft


Antivirus Soft is a fake anti-spyware program that can be installed to your computer without asking your permission or giving any notification. The program usually spreads through Trojan viruses and once inside is difficult to be removed. Antivirus Soft blocks most of your programs and claims they are infected. If you try to browse to some Internet website you will be constantly redirected to the official website of Antivirus Soft where you can pay for a license of the program. It’s quiet a smart way to protect itself from being removed as you will not be able to look for any information about Antivirus Soft.

The application starts working right after you first restart your computer and the same repeats each time your computer is booted. The very first thing Antivirus Soft does is scanning your system for viruses. There’s no need to say that the program detects enormous amount of infections. Removing them is possible only if you buy a full version of Antivirus Soft. In reality the files displayed on the infections list don’t even exist on your system. Antivirus Soft also constantly displays fake pop up ads that announce your computer is infected and advices to activate your anti-virus software.

Trust that the last thing you need is purchasing Antivirus Soft. You would only lose your money and get a completely worthless program. You must eliminate Antivirus Soft once you detect its first signs on your PC. If you have already paid for Antivirus Soft, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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