Antivirus Suite 2010


Antivirus Suite 2010 is a scam made by cyber criminals in order to steal money from computer users. Antivirus Suite 2010 is a clone of Antivirus Soft , so if you are aware of this programs you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Antivirus Suite 2010 is infiltrated into systems through Trojan viruses. Once inside it is configured to start automatically. The program is run with every computer reboot. Basically it looks just like a scanner of a legitimate antispyware tool. The difference is that Antivirus Suite 2010 scans your computer without your approval and reports about infections that in fact doesn’t exist on your computer. It only wants to make an impression that your system is badly infected but actually Antivirus Suite is an infection itself.

Be careful while downloading flash updates and other programs required to be downloaded in order to watch videos online. That’s a usual way how Antivirus Suite 2010 can be downloaded.

If you noticed this badware on your computer, make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible. Consult a removal guide of Antivirus Suite 2010 and eliminate this dangerous program as soon as possible.

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