Antivirus Suite


It seems like creators of rogue programs never sleep. One more creation of them is Antivirus Suite. It’s a program that imitates a security tool but in fact is one more rogue antispyware program that is not able to detect any infections or to remove them. The way Antivirus Suite spreads is also the same as most of the rogue programs. It uses Trojan viruses for it.

Once Antivirus Suite accesses the system, it firstly modifies Windows Registry. As a result, the program is able to generate tons of fake warnings and make you purchase its license. Antivirus Suite blocks most of your legitimate program. It also limits your Internet usage by blocking most of the websites you are trying to visit. Instead of opening the site you ask for, Antivirus Suite generates a notification claiming that the website you are trying to visit is malicious.

The application also generates a fake scanner and pretends to detect tons of infections on your system. Moreover, you will experience a total flood of pop up ads which will be warning about spyware infiltration and recommend purchasing Antivirus Suite to ensure the best protection of your system. Fake scanner will recommend removing threats with a help of Antivirus Suite as well.

Remove Antivirus Suite as soon as you notice it on your system. Do not hesitate and, most importantly, do not make any Antivirus Suite related payments.

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