Antivirus is the rogue program which uses the simplest but also the trickiest name which can be used for such a program. Being closely related to Antivirus Pro 2010, Antivirus uses the same misleading actions to trick people into purchasing its paid version which in reality is not capable to make any improvement in the PC protection after being installed. Antivirus can be downloaded from some fraudulent websites without any notice of a user. Also, the program uses the help of trojan viruses, so I would recommend you using a reputable anti-spyware. After it is in, Antivirus starts imitating to scan PC and foolishly declares that system is vulnerable. Tons and more different parasites, like Trojans, worms are declared to be found in the computer and “licensed” version of Antivirus is offered to be purchased for the removal. Don’t buy Antivirus and its “full” version because it is a total scam. The program will slow down your PC and make it act badly. Get rid of Antivirus as soon as you find it installed in your PC.


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