Antivirus2008 Pro


Antivirus2008Pro is neither anti-virus nor a professional tool. It is another scam lurking on the web for gullible users. It infects computers with help of malicious websites; if computers owner visits such a website, he/she automatically gets Antivirus 2008 Pro. The malware is disguised as anti-virus tool; it loads pop-ups similar to security alerts in order to scare people. If Antivirus2008 Pro hits your machine, don’t pay for services it offers! Remove Antivirus 2008 Pro without hesitation. The full version of this application doesn’t exist; Antivirus2008 Pro is a fraud. Follow Antivirus 2008 Pro removal guide to remove this infection.

One Response to “Antivirus2008 Pro”

  1. i hate scams wheter it is offline scam or online scams, there are lots of it these days ~*`