Have you ever heard of security tool named AntiVirusAndSpyware? Does it sound too good to be true? Well it is a computer parasite itself, no matter how it is called. AntiVirusAndSpyware infects people through web browser vulnerabilities when malicious websites are visited.
AntiVirusAndSpyware launches enormous amounts of pop-ups that are designed to look like security warnings. This strategy leads people into purchasing full version of AntiVirusAndSpyware in order to remove imaginary security threats. Security pop-ups remain even if AntiVirusAndSpyware is uninstalled or full version of this malware is purchased. Furthermore, AntiVirusAndSpyware may download and install malware on the infected computer.
Do not trust AntiVirusAndSpyware software! It is a malicious tool which is dangerous to your computer. Use AntiVirusAndSpyware removal if your computer is infected with this parasite.

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