APc Defender


Another fake antispyware program has been created to swindle computer users’ money. It is called APc Defender. Like many similar fake antispyware it is also based on trojans. This time it will probably wildly spread in Italian, German and French speaking countries as it currently installs only in these three languages.

The Trojan that infects with APcDefender gets into your system while you’re downloading some codecs in order to watch videos online. This Trojan will create malware files (actually, fake ones) that will be detected as your computer infections after APcDefender scans your system. Then obviously you will be able to purchase the program in order to remove all infected files. What you need to know is that the scan results are completely fake, so no way agree to buy APcDefender. Don’t pay any attention to what it says.

Fake scan results are not the only thing that you will see if this Trojan infects your PC. APc Defender also hijacks Internet Explorer, so when you browse the web, you will be warned that you are visiting a malicious website. What is more, fake security messages will be popping up alerting about active malware in your system, attacks of remote computer, etc. Ignore them just like the scan results. Most importantly, do not purchase APcDefender as you will only waste your money.

Find out how to remove APcDefender if you detect it on you PC. Do it as soon as you can, to avoid more computer problems.

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