APcSecure is an application that tries to make you consider if your computer is protected enough or not. It’s a rogue anti-spyware that pretends to be a system scanner. Once you get infected with APc Secure, it will start scanning your computer and warn about tons of infections found in your system. To do that APc Secure generates fake pop up alerts, system tray notifications and displays fake scan results. All of them are reporting the detection of parasites on your computer and claims that the only good solution to get rid of them is purchasing a license of APc Secure.

Don’t believe in this scam. The files that APc Secure reports as parasites are actually created by the same application. They don’t harm your system at all so you don’t need to remove them. The only thing that must be removed is APc Secure application. It doesn’t have any useful features and it is not able to find or remove any possible spyware. APc Secure is based on an anti-spyware but its database is empty so don’t expect anything good from it.

Delete APcSecure from your PC as soon as you notice its first signs. Ignore all the messages by this application and don’t spend your money on the license of APc Secure as it is equal to throughing your money to the wind.

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