Are you familiar with Blekko redirect?


Blekko redirect is one of the popular PC issues actively discussed on the Internet this month. Though you can also find it presented as a search engine which is aimed to provide better search results for its users, many people have named blekko a virus after they have surprisingly found themselves on domain. Blekko has also been reported to redirect its victims from their Google search results and work on redirecting user’s traffic to commercial websites. In addition, some of these results may infect your computer with malware and advertise false products trying to track your browsing habits and steal personal information, like banking information, passwords and etc. Sounds like virus, right?

After a closer look, my security team has reported that blekko may also become your homepage after it secretly alters your browser configuration. According to them, you can start receiving annoying pop-ups leading to phishing sites and malware. It seems like instead of excluding good material from the bad on its search results, blekko acts like a browser hijacker.

If you have also been infected with Blekko redirect, I highly recommend you to remove this threat. ┬áNote that you can also be offered to download a blekko search bar which I do NOT recommend letting into your PC. In order to get rid of this scam, you shouldn’t try doing that manually if you don’t want to remove the wrong files from your machine. You should simply read this blekko redirect removal guide instead and follow the steps.

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