Are you sure you are not infected with Cycbot?


One of the most popular threats used by scammers to gain the access to victim‘s computer is the Cycbot trojan. This computer infection seems to be included into many malware viruses’ distribution and has also been found to have numbers of other functions in terms of compromising PC. Typically, it is a cause of continuous redirections to malicious websites, disables security software, opens the connections for malicious remote access to the PC, records victim’s activity on the Internet and does other dirty campaigns. As you can see, Cycbot Trojan is a serious cyber threat that must be removed from the system if you want to be surprised in a unpleasant way.

Cycbot is known to use backdoor techniques to penetrate into the target computer and remains undetected all the way while infiltrating and launching its malicious activity inside. Of course, you can avoid this infection if you make sure your PC doesn’t have security software splits, firewall vulnerabilities or weak network defense. Between the common impacts to the compromised PC, the most annoying of them is continuous redirections, sometimes called Google redirects. If you have been facing them, I suggest you to check your PC for Cycbot Trojan and remove this threat from the system. Here is how you can do that:

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