Stay away from another fake anti-spyware program Armor Defender. It is not a reputable antivirus so please remove it from your system once you notice it. Armor Defender typically enters to your system using trojans. It is the best technique to spread an infection as it doesn’t require user’s approval to be installed. As soon as Armor Defender is in, it starts automatically when you boot your computer and does its damaging activity all the time you are using your computer. Armor Defender keeps generating fake pop-ups and security alerts which constantly report that your machine is at risk. It also runs fake scanners that supposedly looks for the infections in your system for free and then asks the payment if you want to remove them.

You need to know that the infections detected by the scanner of Armor Defender are not really infections. The scanner simply displays files that Armor Defender created by itself right after infiltration to your computer. It was done just to deceive you and make you purchase a licensed version of Armor Defender. The security notifications mentioned above are displayed for the same reason, so don’t trust that information either. Neither this licensed version nor the trial has any useful functions. It only cause computer slowdown and make your system more vulnerable to spyware. You should remove Armor Defender and not waste your money on this misleading application.

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