AV AntiVirus Suite


AV AntiVirus Suite is a malicious program that spreads on the Internet and secretly infects computer systems. It basically uses Trojan viruses which are the main mean to distribute rogue programs.

As soon as AV AntiVirus Suite is installed into the system, it uses its fake scanner and reports of tons of infections supposedly detected on your system. In order to delete them, you are offered to purchase a full version of AV AntiVirus Suite. In fact such version of a program doesn’t even exist. If you pay for this program, you will only lose your money.

Besides this fake system scan, AV AntiVirus Suite displays tons of fabricated pop up messages and security notifications which report about none existing problems as well. Please ignore any messages that mention AV AntiVirus Suite. Then make sure to get rid of Av AntiVirus Suite with a reputable antispyware program. You can also try removing it manually with a help of removal instructions provided by security experts.

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