AV Center


AV Center is a rogue antispyware program that attempts to sell its so called full version by generating fake notifications and making you believe it’s a legitimate security tool. The program enters the system with a help of Trojans without giving a slightest notification about it. Once inside the system, AV Center creates plenty of fake security alerts warning you about system infections and offering purchasing a full version of AV Center which should fix the problems.

The application also contains a scanner which makes you believe it’s a real antispyware program. AV Center runs it without your will and reports about tons of malicious files detected on your computer. The program later offers removing them by purchasing a full version of a program.

AV Center also acts as a browser hijacker. When you attempt to browse the Internet, there’s a big chance to receive a warning that the website you are trying to visit is infected and that you are strongly advised to purchase AV Center to ensure your computer’s protection.

Remove AV Center without any hesitation once you detect it on your computer. This is not a reputable security tool and you don’t need any rogue programs on your system.

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