AV Checker


AV Checker is a newly launched fake antispyware application that uses a look of Windows Explorer to look as a legitimate security tool. In reality, the program has nothing to do with removing infections.

AV Checker infiltrates into computer through Trojan viruses. Once there, the program performs computer scan and report about a bunch of infections. Then follows a suggestion to purchase a full version of AV Checker in order to clean the infections. The program states that it’s the only way to get your system cleaned as only a commercial version of AV Checker is able to fix every single protection program.

The Trojan that downloads and installs AV Checker to the system also makes some modifications in your Windows Registry which strengthen the power of AV Checker while it’s on the system. These changes enable AV Checker to cause redirections while you are browsing the Internet, besides, it starts displaying tons of security alerts which report about system infections and encourage purchasing a full version of AV Checker for better system security.

Beware that it’s just a trick that computer hackers are expecting you to fall for. If it happened for you to detect this badware on your computer system, please make sure to remove AV Checker as soon as you can.

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