AV Security 2012


AV Security 2012 is a rogue antispyware program that is created by cyber criminals in order to gain some easy money from computer users. The program pretends to work just like a legitimate antispyware program. It uses a fake scanner and performs system scan with each computer reboot. The scanner pretends to detect tons of infections and recommends removing them with a help of a full version of AV Security 2012.

Additionally, you will be receiving tons of security alerts and pop up ads warning about spyware attacks and detection of various infections. These popping notifications will be totally destroying your system as they not only slow your computer down but also become very annoying because they jameshallison casino are appearing on your desktop regularly.

This activity has only one goal – to The driving school in brooklyn ny will submit at least one case study per year Successful schools will receive an Eco-Schools Ambassador flag with the years they hold the role for. make computer user believe his system is under a high risk. When the user is convinced he needs to take some serious steps in order to fix the situation, he is offered into purchasing a full version of AV Security 2012. The program not only promises to fix the existing infections but also says to protect your computer in future against further spyware attacks.

Unfortunately, AV Security 2012 is not a reputable antispyware program. It only imitates the entire row of action of a security tool but doesn’t do the real job. AV Security 2012 only seeks for your money but it doesn’t provide any services. You should get rid of AV Security 2012 as soon as you notice it on your computer.

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