AV Security Essentials


AV Security Essentials is a new rogue antivirus program that infiltrates into computer systems completely secretly and imitates actions of security tool. The program warns that your system is badly infected and recommends getting a full version of  AV Security Essentials in order to fix your system’s security issues. AV Security Essentials  uses a fake scanner after each system reboot. The program does not ask your permission to use its scanner and simply runs it each time you log in to Windows. The scanner claims that your system is infected and offers purchasing its license in order to activate AV Security Essentials and remove all infections using it. What is more, as long as AV Security Essentials will be running on the system it will regularly display fake security alerts that only warn about infections in order to create an illusion that your system is at risk.

Once again, you will be offered to purchase a full version of in order to gain money from you. Not to talk about more infections that can infiltrate into the system while AV Security Essentials is running on the system. The program is able to terminate some of your legitimate programs including you legitimate security tools. That’s why your system becomes more accessible for various infections. You are highly advised using a reputable antispyware program in order to remove AV Security Essentials and all other infections from your system as soon as possible.

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