AV Security Suite


AV Security Suite is a malicious application that imitates an antispyware tool but in fact has malicious purposes to steal computer users’ money and cause you many computer problems. AV Security Suite considerably slows your PC down and generates tons of false alarms about infections that don’t even exist.

The program enters the system through Trojan viruses. Once there it loads a scanner and pretends to look for infections. In reality this entire scan process is just imitated as AV Security Suite doesn’t have an ability to find infections. Once the scan is done, the program generates a screen recommending purchasing AV Security Center in order to remove detected infections.

Later, you will also start receiving scaring system security notifications announcing about computer problems. Your Internet connections may also start acting differently.

You have to do everything in order to remove AV Security Suite in case you have noticed any signs of its existence on your system. You are strongly advised to get a reputable antispyware tool which would deal with a problem automatically or try manual removal with a help of removal guide of AV Security Suite.

3 Responses to “AV Security Suite”

  1. Laurie Wheeler says:

    I had this virus enter my computer from a recipe I pulled up on the internet. It caused my computer not to function and pop up all of these security warning for a few hours. Then I tried to download spydoctor and use it and I think it worked eventually. The computer went to a site that had porno and then a viagra ad popped up. I could hear all kinds of talking noise in the background and don’t know what any of this was and couldn’t clear it off of my computer. Finally i was able to restore to the previous backup but wanted to know if the virus is gone after doing this. Is there any way for me to know if they were able to get my passwords or not? How do they do this and what can they do with my passwords if they were able to get them? How do they use them without a credit card or ATM card to use? Please let me know what you suggest I do from here.

    • giedrius says:

      Laurie : Av security Suite is ransomware. If you pay for it, it will keep your Credit card details. However, such programs rarely obtain CC details by other approaches like keylogging, password sniffing, etc. The best idea is to install/update antivirus and spyware doctor, and scan with them. If they detect and remove keylogger , then it is time to change passwords.

  2. rkender says:

    i had this infiltrate my pc….i downlaoded spydoctor but it wouldnt let me open it….email….games…and exicutable file it blocked….so i got exterminate it….loaded it….well….i noticed that this av security suite didnt open right away so was able to boot pc up….open exterminate it before that crap opened and got rid of it that way…..