AV7 is a rogue application which was earlier called Antivirus 7. AV 7 is a new renamed version of the latter rogue application. Typically, the program spreads through Trojans and rapidly infects anyone without choosing. Once such Trojan reaches your system you will be challenged using plenty of different methods.

First of all, AV7 modifies your Windows Registry and adds some new files there. After that you will notice lots of weird things happening on your system. AV 7 will run a system scan without you asking to do that. It will report about tons of infections and attempt to persuade you into purchasing a full version of AV7 in order to remove the infections detected. Moreover, the program will constantly display security notifications warning that some spyware infections pose risk to your computer and recommending purchasing a licensed version of AV7.

Generally talking, AV7 attempts to persuade you into buying its fake program by reporting about imaginary infections. You shouldn’t fall for this trap as you will only pay for cyber criminals and lose your money. Instead, get rid of AV7 once detecting it inside your computer. If you have already paid for this scam application, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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