Avast Enhanced Protection Mode


Avast Enhanced Protection Mode is a fake security notification that only creates an illusion that your system has been attacked by some infection and then protected by your antispyware program. In reality nothing like that happens on your system. It’s an activity of another infection that actually disables your antivirus program. This may lead to getting your computer infected with different malware and other types of infections.

Here’s how the message of Avast Enhanced Protection Mode scam looks like:

Avast operates under enhanced
protection mode.
This is temporary measure
necessary for immediate response to
the threat from virus.
No action is required from you.

It’s a fake message that you should think of if you receive it on your system. Even though it doesn’t attempt to get your money, the danger is huge as it removes your antivirus program. Please get rid of Avast Enhanced Protection Mode as soon as you notice it on your system.


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