AVDefender 2011


AVDefender 2011 is a newly launched rogue application that infiltrates to computer systems through malicious websites. This kind of websites promotes AV Defender 2011 as a legitimate security tool. Most of the time you are redirected to such websites and once there, the script is installed for a drive-by-download function on the targeted system. After that you definitely end up containing AVDefender 2011 in your system.

First of all, the program loads its scanner. Unfortunately, it only imitates performing system scan and in the end it provides fake scan results. AV Defender 2011 claims that your system contains tons of malicious files and recommends removing them by purchasing a full version of AV Defender 2011.

Even more, while AV Defender 2011 is running in the background, you will constantly be receiving fake security notifications and pop up ads, giving completely fake information about your systems security. Mostly, the messages state that your system is under attack of spyware infections or they report to detect a specific Trojan virus on your computer. In any case they push you to make a payment for AV Defender 2011.

As you see AV Defender 2011 is a malicious application that only seeks for your money but is not able to provide any kind of help. Remove AVDefender 2011 without any hesitation if you detected it on your system.

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