Avmirror.com is a malicious website promoting Antivir Solution Pro application. It’s a rogue antispyware program that seeks to gain money of computer users. The program imitates functions of security tool and attempts to convince them into purchasing its full version.

Avmirror.com works as a browser hijacker of Antivir Solution Pro. It’s a website where the program redirects you without your will and tries to make you pay for Antivir Solution Pro. It gives you three options: Antivir Solution Basic, Antivir Solution Pro and Antivir Solution Premium. These versions of a program visually differ in price and the time of support it offers. In reality they are all same fake programs that have nothing to offer.

If you have been redirected to Avmirror.com or any other similar website that presents Antivir Solution Pro as a legitimate antispyware program, you must beware that your system has already been infected with Antivir Solution Pro.  In this case you should take care of this by removing it from your system as soon as possible.

Removing Antivir Solution Pro is the only way to stop all annoying actions, such as phony scanner, a flood of pop up ads, security notifications and of course redirection to Avmirror.com.

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