AWM Antivirus


AWM Antivirus is a new fake antivirus program distributed to computer systems through Trojan viruses. The application works very typically to all rouge programs and its main goal is to gain some money from computer users by selling completely useless software.

Trojan viruses are able to infiltrate into any computer system through system vulnerabilities without slightest knowledge of computer user.

Right when it infiltrates to the targeted system, AWM Antivirus loads its scanner and pretends to look for infections. Actually, the program is not able to detect anything but it imitates this task just to confuse computer users. Once the task is performed, AWM Antivirus generates a screen of scan results which displays tons of infected files with a recommendation to remove them as soon as possible. The program offers purchasing a full version of AWM Antivirus in order to remove the infections that were detected. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve anything. You simply lose your money and get nothing for that.

Please remove AWM Antivirus as soon as you notice it on your computer. If it happened to you to pay for the program, contact your credit card company as soon as possible.

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