Awola is pretty dangerous malware as it can make you give away your money. Awola is not capable of infecting machines by itself; but it is presented as a security tool, so people download it to scan their computers. Awola is a computer parasite masked as an anti spyware. This is the new smart way for malwares to spread as people care about their security.
Awola shows exaggerated scan reports and alerts in order to scare people of computer infection. This strategy makes them buy the full version of Awola which is supposed to remove the detected threats. However, Awola is a malware and it can’t remove any infections. Follow Awola removal guide to get rid of this parasite.
Whenever you are not sure if software is legitimate spyware remover or not, you can check it on corrupt antispyware list.

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  1. Malwarebytes is a very good spyware remover that i use, it can really detect and remove those annoying malware “