If you are looking for an antispyware program, you might already be acquainted with Badware Exterminator. Don’t be tricked!! This application is fake and it won’t protect your computer system. Badware Exerminator promises a lot: automatic computer scan, email scan and quarantine, restoring registry keys and more functions. Unfortunately it gives nothing but infected computer system and taking away your money.

BadwareExterminator was created just to get commercial benefit. So do not trust anything it says, no matter how promising it would sound. Badware Exterminator will make you computer run slow, give fake scan results and infect your machine with malware.

Do not trust websites like, and similar. These sites were just created to promote this fake application, but every word is a lie there. Get rid of Badware Exterminator if it happened to you to visit one of its sites and download the program. If you have made a payment, contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. Don’t make profit to the creators of BadwareExterminator.

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