Be careful with a new rogue program – Live Security Platinum!


While FakeVimes has stayed quite for a while and hasn’t released any new rogue for a few days, another family of rogues has presented a new infection – Live Security Platinum. It’s another rogue antispyware program fromWinWebSec family. Just like most of rogue programs it infiltrates to computer systems secretly using system vulnerabilities.

Live Security Platinum uses a fake scanner which is run after each system reboot. The program claims to detect numerous threats and offers removing them by purchasing its full version. In fact it only wants to get your money just like other fake antivirus programs. In addition, you will receive various security alerts that will also warn about different system infections. As you may guess, it only wants to make you pay for Live Security Platinum.

Do not trust this scam and remove Live Security Platinum form your computer instead of following what it tells you to do. Be careful when choosing a proper security tool as this type of programs can easily swindle your money away.


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