Blackworm is a very dangerous email worm. It's known by other names as well; CME-24, Grew.a, Grew.b, Blackmal.e Mywife.d, Tearec.a, Nyxem.e and Nyxem.d  are all copies of Blackworm.
Blackworm spreads through malicious email attachments and infected executable files. Once this worm infects a computer it sends itself to all the email addresses found on the infected machine. Blackworm also creates malicious files on shared folders to ensure it infects as many computers as possible. It deletes common files such as MS Word documents, MS Excel spreadsheets and many others once in a month.
Remove Blackworm as soon as possible.  Blackworm shuts down processes related to security programs. It’s also capable of removing essential files of most common anti-virus software.

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