Block Keeper


Block Keeper is a malware, a total scam, that will not increase protection of any computer even when the money for the “full” its version is paid. You must know that Block Keeper (sometimes it is called BlockKeeper) hails from the “famous” WiniSoft which continuously releases malicious and deceptive rogues, such as Block Scanner, Soft Cop, Secure Warrior, Save Keeper, Soft Stronghold, Save Keep and numbers of other ones. Undoubtedly, Block Keeper is a badware that should be threatened only by removing all its files from the infected machine because it is created with a reason to steal the money from unaware PC users. So please, don’t waste the time and delete Block Keeper right after it is detected in your PC.
Block Keeper sneaks to the compromised machine classically, with the help of Trojans. Just after being installed, this rogueware starts seeking its malicious goals and performs a fake system scan. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of Trojans and other spyware detected by this scam and the only solution for fixing everything is offered installing the “full” version. However, this variant of Block Keeper is not for free. Save your money because you will only support the scammers if you will agree to pay for BlockKeeper. Instead of doing that I would highly recommend you to delete Block Keeper and keep your machine clean.

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