Block Scanner


Block Scanner is a very sneaky application which enters to the compromised PC unrecognized through the use of Trojans. Without wasting its time, BlockScanner enables anti-virus program and changes System Registry to make your PC become completely hacked. Finally, this malware creates it own fake files and later reports them as infections found. Undoubtedly, Block Scanner must be uninstalled, just like its initials Block Watcher, Trust Soldier, Safe Fighter and many more. This rogue anti-spyware seeks only to steal your money and increase the profit for its creators.
Trying to convince you that purchasing the “full” version of Block Scanner is urgently needed, this rogue firstly imitates scanning computer for malware. There is no doubt that Block Scanner will find hundreds of Trojans, worms or other various cyber threats that are created by the same scam. Continuous security alerts will be produced by rogue and will try to push you into buying the “licensed” version of Block Scanner. It is highly recommended don’t let fake system notifications scare you. People should ignore all the security reports and get rid of all the files connected to Block Scanner. That will definitely help you to stop all its misleading activity.

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