Block Watcher


Block Watcher hails from the same boring WiniSoft family, which is famous for its fake security tools. Block Watcher is created almost the same just like Block Scanner, Block Keeper or Soft Stronghold, so you shouldn’t expect that this time you will be granted with something new and special. This fake application will urgently try to make you think that your computer is infected thought there will be no infections. It will load fake security notifications and lead you into purchasing its licensed version. What is more, after being installed, Block Watcher will disable legitimate spyware removers and will make computer to become vulnerable.
Though the “full” Block Watcher’s version is presented as the reputable one, it will never fix real problems detected in the system of the infected PC. This program similarly to approximately 30 other fake applications seeks only to steal the money from its victims, so you shouldn’t trust any alert loaded by Block Watcher. To stop this rogue and its annoying and malicious actions, all its related files must be deleted from the infected machine. Don’t pay any sum of money for BlockWatcher because it is useless program which will never act as a normal anti-virus. Get rid of Block Watcher for free by using the removal guide as soon as possible!

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