BlueFlare Antivirus


BlueFlare Antivirus is a rogue antivirus program that has been noticed on the Internet infecting random computer systems. BlueFlare Antivirus causes tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads which warn that your system is badly infected with various threats. The program enters computer system through Trojan viruses. You will only notice BlueFlare Antivirus when it’s inside the system.

The program is run each time you log in to the system. BlueFlare Antivirus pretends scanning computer for infections and.

Once the scan is done, it displays a list of infections and recommends removing them with a full version of BlueFlare Antivirus. You are only asked to pay for its license and then the program ensures to take care of everything.

One more thing to mention is that once your system is infected with BlueFlare Antivirus you will receive tons of security notifications and pop up ads which warn about spyware infections detected on your system. However, don’t fall for this attraction as you will only lose your money. You are strongly recommended to remove BlueFlare Antivirus form your system as soon as possible. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program instead of trusting this fake one.

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