ByteDefender is a malware application that displays fake security alerts and runs false scanners in order to convince you that it’s a legitimate antispyware program. In reality it’s a very typical rogue antispyware program which is installed with a help of Trojan viruses that usually pretend to be video codecs or programs essential for proper watching of videos online.

ByteDefender starts automatically right after computer logs in to Windows. Then the program loads its fake scanner and displays a list of infections warning to remove them as soon as possible. In fact these files are not infections, they are either your legitimate programs or don’t exist at all.

Later you will start receiving fabricated pop up messages claiming that your system has some security issues.

You are strongly advised to remove ByteDefender as soon as you notice it on your computer.  Follow the removal guide of ByteDefender or get rid of this badware manually by downloading a legitimate antispyware tool.

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