C Components


C Components is a rogue anti-spyware program. The application is infiltrated into computer through Trojans and then it promotes purchasing a full version of a program as a security tool.

C Components firstly infiltrates into your Registry in order to make some modifications there. After it becomes a dominating component in your system and its executable is launched every time computer is rebooted. C Components runs a system scan and generates a window of infections. Then the program recommends removing these infections by purchasing a full version of C Components.

What is more, the program displays some pop up ads telling about unsafe activities that must be fixed on your computer. The solution, according to the program, is purchasing a full version of C Components as well.

As you see, this program is only trying to scare computer user and make him purchase a full version of C Components. You have to know that it’s a scam program and you must remove C Components as soon as you notice it on your computer.

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