Chasing a flush


I am sure you have been in such a situation for hundred of times. You are dealt A7 of spades, you pay and see the flop. And the flop comes 2s 9s Kd. You need a single card to make a flush. What to do? To chase the card or not..

Now, for those who does not know what chasing means.. In practice of betting to stay in a hand and to expect making a better combination. Though you may have nothing at that time.

OK. Let's see the odds. You have two spades and another two are on the table. So you know 5 cards, 4 of which are spades. That means another 9 spades are left out of 47 cards that you have not seen. And that is 42% chance of hitting a flush on turn or river. But if the turn is not a spade, your chances to hit a flush drops to 21% only.

I agree chasing a flush is a very risky thing, but if the blinds or stakes are still low and you are high in chips. Go on and chase the flush. You may win a lot with a flush and you may fold anytime, if you see someone has a better a hand and you are still a chaser.

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