We just launched another project – It will be another dating site. I had one dating site before. It was site. Some years ago I gave this project away just because I didn't see commerce in Lithuania. Still don't see now. Its a small market and people don't have enough money. It took too much time to manage that project, there were too many expenses, so exchanged my shares with other project and finally the project was sold. Now it is one of the biggest dating sites in Lithuania. Do I regret? Of course no! the deal was much better, even if I compare it to this site which is very popular at the moment.

Anyway with cherryfun we are returning to the dating business, but this will not be the local site. it will be global. I know perfectly that its almost impossible to launch a new dating site and make it popular worldwide, but we will try. It is another challenge for me and my companies.

Feel free to Visit our online dating project. We will try to make it better and better. All comments are welcome.

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  1. rd says:

    The problem is that there so little good projects on Lithuanian market, and advertised projects even more little. Lithuanian entrepreneurs make project and that’s it. What about advertising ?

    There are some good examples like,,, (if merged),, maybe etc.

    In Estonia was sucessful even in smaller market. It was sold for 2.5mln eur.

  2. Shower Radio says:

    i just started dating and well, dating is a very exciting experience. i just love to date women ,;`