CleanThis is a rogue antispyware program that pretends to be a legitimate security tool but is actually a huge scam. Most of the time, Clean This enters commuters using Trojan viruses.

Once inside, the program is launched with every computer reboot. It runs system scanner and pretends to look for infections. After a few minutes, the program generates infection list and states that they must be removed from the system as soon as possible. The program also offers its own help here but you have to pay for its license first. CleanThis claims that only its full version is able to remove infections.

The application is also distributed through fake pop up ads. These notifications inform that your computer contains some infections and redirects to the website that contains online scanner. The scanner only imitates performing system scan for infections but doesn’t do the actual job. It is only done in order to make computer user think his system is at risk and purchase a useless program as a security tool.

If it happened for you to pay for CleanThis, immediately contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. The get rid of CleanThis by running a legitimate antispyware program or manually. For manual removal stop all processes of Clean This and remove those files.

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