CleanUp Antivirus


CleanUp Antivirus is another rogue anti-spyware application that has an aim to rip computer users off by giving false information about security status of the targeted computer. The application is distributed with a help of Trojans that infect computers secretly, for example, by pretending to be flash updates.

After the infiltration, CleanUp Antivirus sets deep down into the system and makes it very comfortable there. The program creates numerous of pop up messages stating that your system is crowded with spyware infections and needs a security solutions as soon as possible. CleanUp Antivirus also loads its scanner after each computer reboot. When the scan finishes, CleanUp Antivirus reports about plenty of threats “found” on your system. However, the program displays not real infections but files created by the same rogue that installed CleanUp Antivirus to your system.

Both scan results and security alerts are followed by suggestion to purchase a so-called full version of CleanUp Antivirus. It promises to be the best security tool you have ever had. In reality, CleanUp Antivirus doesn’t perform any function at all. It’s a badware application only seeking to collect money from computer users.

Please get rid of CleanUp Antivirus application as soon as you notice its first traces on your system. If you have already paid for this scam application, do not hesitate and contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.

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