Comment spam solved


Google announced new technique to fight against comment spam in various blogs. Yesterday (Jan 18) Google created (rel=”nofollow”) attribute on hyperlinks. Those links won’t get any credit when Google will rank websites in their search results. As Google say, there won’t be any negative effect for the sites linked from blogs, but they will not get any credit either. it’s just a way to fight spammers and prevent abuse of blogs.
According to Google the same actions are taken at Yahoo and MSN.

read more information at: Google blog

According to Ken Moss, the General Manger of MSN Search Dev & Test: < ...> “Over the coming weeks, our MSNBot crawler will start respecting this new tag, and sometime after that MSN Spaces will start to support this as well < ...> ”

read more information at: msn blog

Its wonderful that All major and Competing between themselves players can agree on anything that quickly.

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