Computer Fix


Computer Fix is a fake computer optimization tool that is one of the members of a huge HDD rogues family. The program displays tons of different alerts and announce about certain computer problems in order to scare computer users. The main goal of this program is to get money from random computer users.

Once Computer Fix gets inside the system, it is configured to start automatically each time you log in into your computer. The application simulates all functions of security tool and first of all scans your computer for infections. To be more precise, it doesn’t perform the scan itself but pretends doing so. Then Computer Fix claims to detect a bunch of various infections and asks to remove them with a licensed version of Computer Fix that you must pay for. It’s easy to guess that computer hackers designed this application to gain money from random computer users. Since everyone cares a Verkkopankin kayttaminen casino lla on tehty erittain helpoksi. lot about our computer protection, it is clear that any user would do everything in order to fix all security related issues.

To make it even clearer that Computer Fix does everything in order to create unpleasant environment in your system, there should be mentioned that the program generates tons of face security notifications warning that your computer is at risk. This and a fake scanner make you believe that your system is badly infected. However, do not fall for this trick. As already mentioned Computer Fix only wants to get your money. Get rid of Computer Fix as soon as you notice its presence on your computer.


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