Control Commander


Control Commander is malicious software which was created to imitate an antispware program and make computer users pay for it. Typically to most of the rogue programs, Control Commander spreads though Trojan infections. It’s completely impossible to notice the process of installation as Trojans tends to imitate some programs necessary to download in order to watch some online videos and are downloaded automatically.

As soon as Control Commander infiltrates into certain computer, it makes some changes in Windows Registry and adds some files there. As a result your computer is bombarded with fake pop up ads and security notifications warning about infections detected on your system and at the same time promoting Control Commander as an antispyware program. Another way to promote Control Commander is by hijacking your Internet browser and redirecting to official websites of Control Commander where you can pay for this program.

Moreover, Control Commander runs system scan and displays fabricated scan results to make you believe your system contains tons of infections. To remove them you will be offered to purchase a full version of Control Commander.

Make sure to uninstall Control Commander if it happened to you to detect this infection on your system. Do not hesitate and remove it as soon as you can to avoid more inconvenienced caused by Control Commander.

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