Control Components


Control Components is a fake security program that is promoted through Trojans that spread on malicious websites. It’s another version of Control Manager or Privacy Center rogue antispyware. Control Components use exactly the same way of infiltration and same techniques to reach its final goals. The main goal of Control Components is to convince computer user into purchasing its license.

As I already mentioned, Control Components are downloaded and installed by Trojan so you will be completely unaware when it infiltrates. You will understand that the first time you restart your system. Control Components will run its scanner to check for infections and additionally display a large amount of pop up messages stating that you system is full of infections. You will definitely become uncertain of your system’s protection status and that is the time when Control Components will push you into purchasing its license promising to provide you the best protection against malware.

You must beware that the files Control Components display as infections are imaginary and you don’t have to remove them. All you need to do is remove Control Components program itself with a legitimate anti-spyware program or manually. Make sure to scan your system for additional malware as soon as you get rid of Control Components.

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