Cyber Security


Cyber Security may trick you into thinking that this is a product which urgently needs to be purchased and then installed into the PC. CyberSecurity usually scans computers for infections and after the imitation of doing this, declares to find tons of Trojans, worms and other malware there. What is more, for the removal of all the imaginary parasites, Cyber Security promises the “full” its version to do that sucessfully and asks paying the money for the registration.
Cyber Security can infect the computer when malicious websites with fake alert pages are visited. What is more, program can be downloaded by Trojan Downloader secretly. As soon as it is installed, the fake its code is copied to the registry and then PC is taken over by this parasite. Cyber Security loads numbers of popup ads about tons of malware found and these can be realy annoying. For the removal, the program tells that only its “full” version is capable to do that. Don’t purchase Cyber Security! It is a scam which just lies for you to detect so much viruses in your computer just to get your money. Please, get rid of Cyber Security as soon as you can!

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