D-Max Models – slanders Fashion TV and Lithuanian model agencies


D-Max models – Lithuanian model agency is the agency you need to think before starting to work with. They lost Defamatory case to model agency "Supermodels" and still writes articles which can harm reputation of agencies.
Now they wrote new article in their site exonline.lt. Article tells that participation in FTV (reputable TV channel – Fashion TV) events is BAD THING, and only one agency ("Supermodels" they treat this agency as bad one) agreed to participate in Fashion TV cruise where they organise miss FTV contest.
We translate this article to English language and sent it to Fashion TV headquarters. What they will do with them we are not sure, but as International casino online event manager for FTV said – they will never work with such company in any way anymore.
Article misleads readers, because not only one agency works with FTV. Only The best agencies in Lithuania sends the girls to participate in Miss FTV event and it seems DMAX is not one of them. Girls from modeling agency "Modilinos" and "Supermodels" now participate in the contest.
Soon everybody will be able to see the girls from Supermodels and Modilinos on Fashion TV.
Think before choosing the right agency to work with.

6 Responses to “D-Max Models – slanders Fashion TV and Lithuanian model agencies”

  1. mark johnson says:

    michel adam, real name michel liwkowski, polish jew who studied in the usa has been charged and convicted of rape twice of underage 15 year old girls in France and kicked out of the country for two years while his money quieted the case. he gives and gets young models addicted to cocaine. he also pimps girls to roberto cavalli and paolo the owner playboy of id models in new york. all three are cocaine addicts and encourage 15 year old models to take part in cocaine orgies. these guys should be in prison. its amazing how the fashion world is so fucked up. gays and cocaine and rapists rule.

  2. loic says:

    I agree with Mark, FTV is just famous nowadays for prostitions and drugs stories, i find hard to believe that a blog a bit responsible is telling FTV is a serious thing!!
    It could be funny; but it is not, drugs and sex with underage girls is a serious matter, everybody should be warned about ftv practices, there is nothing to be proud of to work with ftv!

  3. Olga says:

    Check out this crook who used to work for FTV – http://www.danbenayer.com

  4. pleyboy says:

    Very interesting stuff about D-Max Models – slanders Fashion TV and Lithuanian model agencies « Ugnius Kiguolis . Thanks and keep up the good work. Merry christmas to u all 😉

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