Data Recovery


Data Recovery is fake antivirus program that spreads to computers using Trojan viruses and uses fake scanner in order to make computer users believe, it’s a real antivirus program. Its goal is to convince computer user into thinking his computer is infected and needs attention. Later it attempts to sell a so-called full version of Data Recovery which promises to remove all threats and prevent the system from future attacks. The program runs its fake scanner which creates a list of potentially harmful files and suggests removing them with a “full version” of a program.

Data Recovery also attempts to uninstall your legitimate antispyware program which not only leaves your system unprotected but also protects itself from being removed. Later you will start noticing plenty of security alerts and pop up ads that warn about system infections that may affect your system’s performance and pose risk to your private information. These notifications also suggest removing threats with a help of Data Recovery.

You must ignore any messages or scan results by Data Recovery as it’s not a program worth trusting. Beware that Data Recovery only seeks for your money but has no good intentions. If it happened to you to pay for it, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Then make sure to get rid of Data Recovery, with a help of a reputable antispyware tool. The other way eliminate this badware application is stopping its processes and manually removing its malicious files. If you trust your computer skills, take a look at a removal guide of Data Recovery offered by security experts.

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