Data Repair


Data Repair is a malicious program that is classified as rogue system optimizer. The program uses Trojan viruses to infiltrate into the system and then mimics a reputable system optimizer. Data Repair claims that your system is infected and eve displays some security warnings stating that your HDD clusters are partly damaged, a potential disk failure may cause loss of files or some similar situation is drawn. In fact these messages are falsified and they do not reflect what is actually happening on your system.

Moreover, Data Repair runs a system scan and even imitates looking for online casino infections. Then it warns about some threats detected on your machine which cause damage to your system. In order to solve this issue, the application asks to purchase a full version of Data Repair which promises to fix all your problems. Unfortunately, once you pay for Data Repair, the cyber criminals get the details of your credit card and they get your money and you stay with the same problems on your system.

The only way to solve this issue is to remove Data Repair itself as that is the component that damages your system. If you have already made a payment for it, hurry up to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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