Data Security Solution


Data Security Solution is a fake security tool that is categorized as a rogue antispyware program. The program imitates all activities of a security tool just to make the users of infected machine think their systems require some extra protection because of the attacks of spyware infections.

Data Security Solution was basically created in order to make computer users pay money for this useless application presenting it as a big help fighting against spyware infections. It displays tons of fake security notifications to mislead computer user into thinking his system contains tons of infections that are really damaging the system and must be removed as soon as possible.

To look like a legitimate security tool, Data Security Solution also loads a scanner and imitates looking for infections. Finally, it even displays a list of supposedly infected files and recommends removing them by purchasing a licensed version of Data Security Solution.

Do not purchase it in any case as you will end up losing your money and get no protection at all. If you noticed any signs of its activity on your system, please remove Data Security Solution immediately. Otherwise, you may experience even worse consequences.

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