DeadEye is a new rogue antispware program designed to trick computer users into purchasing it as an antispyware tool. Dead Eye can easily enter the system with a help of Trojan viruses. Once there, it changes system parameters and starts its foregone activity.

When computer is restarted DeadEye launches its scanner and imitates system scan. Then it offers purchasing a full version of a program and remove these infections. The truth is that DeadEye displays imaginary infections and only seeks to rip you off. Later on, the program starts displaying fake security notifications which say absolutely no truth and push into purchasing DeadEye as well.

Please ignore any offers to pay for DeadEye application as it’s fake and has nothing in common with security tools. If you have noticed that your computer became very slow and receive notifications by DeadEye, it’s not because of infections. The only reason of it is Dead Eye itself, which is only real threat on the system. Remove DeadEye as soon as you notice its actions on your system.

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