Defend APc is a rogue anti-spyware program that once installed causes computer slowdown and its vulnerability to spyware infections. You have to be extremely careful about this application. Defend APc uses various tactics just to convince you to purchase the program. Unfortunately, the program will not provide any of protection to your system but only take your money away.

Defend APc spreads through trojans and once inside starts its malicious work by running DefendAPc.exe file. It blocks Task Manager and the Add/Remove Programs feature so you are not able to remove the program that easily. Then Defend APc starts annoying you with pop up ads and security alerts warning about spyware detected on your system. What can really convince you that DefendAPc is a real anti-spyware is that it really reminds of an ordinary system scanner. After scanning it displays a list of infections and strongly recommends removing them. It also claims that removal function is only available in a “full” version of Defend APc. However, you need to pay for that version.

Please, don’t get tricked by such statements and get a removal guide for Defend APc instead. If you have already purchased this program, imeddiatelly contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Don’t make profit for the creators of Defend APc.

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